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Diary - Events

  • April

    > Chambon-sur-Jeep - late April in Chambon-sur-Lac
    A meeting of Jeep fans

  • May

    > Mont-Dore Street Music - May - Le Mont-Dore
    For 4 days, Le Mont Dore dances to the rhythm of street groups and artists.

    > Saint-Nectaire en Majesté - late May - Saint-Nectaire
    Large festival  in honour of the King of Cheeses, Saint-Nectaire, and the King of Kings, Louis XIV.

    > The Médiévales de Murol - May - Murol
    Relive the Middle Ages with a medieval camp, dancing, medieval shows and craftsman straight from the Middle Ages.

  • June

    > Plein La Bobine Festival - June - La Bourboule/Le Mont-Dore
    Cinema for young people

    > Horizons - Arts in Nature Event - June to September - Massif du Sancy
    Highly original modern art event which sees artists produce 11 temporary pieces of plastic art, specifically to be exhibited in the open air in the Massif du Sancy (Puy-de-Dôme); the lakes, volcanoes and winding rivers make this an incredible backdrop within the Auvergne volcanoes zone.

  • July

    > Sancy Outdoor - early July in La Bourboule
    Festival with new trends in outdoor sports

    > VTT Coupe de France (mountain biking) - early July in Super-Besse

    > Bastille Day - 14th July - Massif du Sancy
    Fireworks and various shows

    > Foire aux Vins et aux Fromages (Wine and cheese fair) - July in Besse
    Discover French wines with local cheeses from the Massif Central. Tasting sessions, various events...

    > Mont-Dore Retro Rockin' Festival - late July - Le Mont-Dore
    Festival dedicated to Rock 'n' Roll from the 50s, Rockabilly, Rock Swing

  • August

    > Fête de la Saint-Sixte - 6th August Massif du Sancy
    Hikes leaving from all the municipalities in the Sancy heading for the summit of the Puy de Sancy.

    > Hillclimbing - early August - Le Mont-Dore/Chambon-sur-Lac
    International hillclimbing car race counting towards the Championnat d'Europe et de France de la Montagne (European and French Hill Climb Championship).

    > Fête de la Gentiane -  15th August - Picherande
    Various events involving the gentian flower

    > La Sancy Verte (Green Sancy) and the Tour VTT du Sancy (mountain biking) - late August - La Bourboule
    mass mountain bike challenge, leaving from La Bourboule

  • September

    > Mont-Dore Volcanic Blues Festival - September - Le Mont-Dore
    Genuine blues is in the spotlight, together with a touch of Rock 'n' Roll and Soul

    > Ultra Trail du Sancy - September - Le Mont-Dore
    Foot race along the Massif du Sancy hiking trails

  • October

    > La Bavajade - early October - Besse
    Reconnect with rural culture and celebrate a traditional festival which marks the end of the summer season.

  • January

    > La Saint-Cochon - January - Besse
    Large festival in honour of the pig

    > Trail Hivernal du Sancy (Sancy Winter Trail) - January - Le Mont-Dore
    Foot race along the snowy paths of the Massif du Sancy

    > Trophée Andros - late January - Super-Besse
    Final of an international automobile competition run on frozen courses

    > Auverglace, Mont-Dore y Cimes - late January - Le Mont-Dore
    Come together and discover winter mountaineering

    > La Sancy Blanche (White Sancy) - January - La Bourboule/Picherande/Massif du Sancy
    Cross-country skiing race

  • February

    > Sancy Snow Jazz Festival - February holidays - Massif du Sancy
    This festival is the only one of its kind in France, concentrating exclusively on New Orleans and traditional jazz.
    Jazz groups playing live in bars and restaurants...

    > Salon de l'Art Fantastique Européen (European Fantastic Art Show) - February holidays - Le Mont-Dore
    Exhibition of surrealist paintings by European artists.

    > TSL Sancy Raquettes (snowshoes) - February - La Bourboule
    Mass snowshoe hike

  • March

    > Sancy Snow Dog - February/March - Le Mont-Dore
    Middle-distance sled dog race

    > Opening of the ice fishing season - early March - Le Mont-Dore
    The only event of its kind in France, Arctic-style fishing on the Lac de Guéry.

    > Sancy Games Festival - March - La Bourboule
    Video games festival


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