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  • Endowed with a wealth of natural heritage, this farming village with many hamlets is built on a lava flow.

  • To discover

  • Couze Pavin: a small stream that comes down from the Massif du Sancy, very popular with fishing enthusiasts (the word couze is the local name for rivers that rise in the Massif du Sancy and flow into the Allier River by following the same route as the lava flows)
    Iron-bearing spring in the place known as Pont de la Chèvre
    Fish farm in Renlaigue hamlet

  • Cheminée de Fée or “demoiselle coiffée”

    Cheminée de Fée or “demoiselle coiffée”
  • Cheminée de Fée or 'demoiselle coiffée' (the Miss with a Hat), a natural geological curiosity
    It is a vertical clay column topped by an enormous stone. During the volcanic eruptions, a massive block fell onto the clay ground; erosion has worn away the clay, except under the enormous block of basalt.
    Walk of 1 hr 30 min return trip: leave from the car park in Cotteuges hamlet, follow the road in the direction of Cheix, turn left on the bridge and continue along the path to the Cheminée de Fée.

  • Activities

  • Trout fishing in Couze Pavin
    Many hikes


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