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  • This ancient troglodyte site, at the height of its use in the Middle Ages, has preserved many traces of its past.

  • Guided tour in English

  • The Jonas caves: entirely man-made in the Middle Ages: the site was dug in the volcanic tuff. Discover the hamlet, the chapel, the Celtic sanctuary, the bakery with bread oven...

  • To discover

  • The church of Pic Saint-Pierre (built in the 9th or 10th century) on the Saint-Pierre peak: In front of the church are the remains of an ancient cemetery; formerly, it was a gathering place for religious and legal matters
    Lompras church: at the end of the 18th century, a chapel was constructed in the place known as Lompras, which later became the present church
    Pagan monument: a sculpted monument (close to the place known as Lompras)
    The cross of Saint-Verny: a listed historical monument; a small stone monument on which we can see a Christ with small arms
    Dolmen of the lake: a listed historical monument, a few metres from the Jonas farm; it is locally known as the Bloody Stone or the Guillotine
    Visit the farm and see the production of Saint-Nectaire cheese

  • Activities

  • River fishing


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